Thursday, November 12, 2009


Congrats guys...
Finally, metro has reached Noida....
Delhi Metro achieved another milestone when a brand new train chugged into the satellite city of Noida for the first time paving the way for thousands of commuters in east Delhi and adjoining areas to enjoy the new age transport system and escape from the huge jams, that not only waste our time but also irritaes us.
The 13.1 km Yamuna Bank-Noida line was inaugurated by Union urban development minister S Jaipal Reddy, Chief Minister Ms. Sheila Dikshit was also present at the newly-built Akshardham station.This Metro lane has come as a boom for many people and will definately bring a change in their daily commuting habits. This Noida corridor is built at the cost of Rs 630 crores and is completely elevated.This line is also the first where the DMRC missed its deadline.
The corridor was scheduled for opening in October.DMRC has projected that about 53,000 passengers daily are expected to commute from this corridor.The DMRC will run eight brand-new broad gauge trains.
Well, guys hats off to Metro, DMRC and E. Shridharan. They have turned Delhi into a complete Metropolitan city. NOt only this even the traffic at various places in Delhi has lessen to a great extent.Metro has also made our journey comfortable, reliable. Using Metro we dnt feel like we are travelling in any public transport like other public transport in Delhi....Its accuracy, cleanliness and comfort and new techniques call for more and more passengers. And, the biggest point is it ensures safety, safety of travelling.
Well, its a praiseworthy thing that Metro has finally stepped out of the capital to join near by areas....It started with a small dream to give Delhi a status of international city and now when this dream has come true, we are proud.....See, 'small step lead to big change". But now its in our hand that we care for it and dnt spolil it like other public transports....

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  1. Saw most of your postings. Nice effort to keep people updated. And your 'tagline small step leads to big change' is in itself a magical mantra. Best wishes for all your future endeavours. Take care.


  2. oh ya itz a gr8 achievement dat metro has reached noida..
    METRO nt gonna only help d routine travellers rather gonna help d students also in hu r in noida n greater noida to reach delhi in lesser tym...
    n ur all post r superb.. i lykd d way u r wrkng over it.. keep it up.. God blezz....

  3. Gr8 achievement for DMRC to approach its 1st NCR zone for connecting thru Metro Rail.Although DMRC is doing its task very fast and Safe,as it seems that 2nd NCR Zone is also being connected very soon and it is also a gr8 achievement.Metro is a very safe and quick means of Transport,for approaching one end to another end of the city ,it will help to all working professionals , businessman ,students and lovers for reaching their destination at the appropriate time.

    All ur postings are awesome....gr8 working wid gr8 potential.....keep it up, take care

  4. well, agr8 thng 4 DMRC as well as Delhi...