Monday, November 2, 2009

Cricket Match OR Death Match

Guys,Did you hear????
Seven live cartridges were found in a stadium packed with over 40,000 spectators, just two hours before the India-Australia second one-day international cricket match...
The bullets were recovered during a search of the Feroz Shah Kotla cricket stadium by the personnel of bomb detection squad (BDS) and dog squad...The live cartridges were found around 12.30 p.m., just two hours before the second India-Australia ODI was to begin....A case has been registered at I.P. Estate police station under arms act. Police is trying to ascertain how these bullets reached the stadium and since when they were lying there....There is a full fledged investigation is going on, but this incident has certainly raised the eyebrows....There was to be an international match being played and moreover we are expecting Commonwealth next year....This is the kind of security we will provide to the players coming????
Although as per the police officials they have applied the lock-out and lock-in process before the match. A complete lock-out would mean asking every other official to come out before the security agencies checked the area. However, this time they had a few problems while conducting the searches but they said that they will sort out these problems before the Commonwealth Games where the lock-in will become applicable at least five days before the event.Well, who knows this will happen or not...Because we are already running out of time and still so many projects are unfinished....
In this particular case, the cops will also access CCTV footage to figure out how the cartridges reached the area, because it was having high security there....
Lets see, how does the police see this and come out with some solutions and fruitful result, which may be like helding the culprit....I hope Delhi becomes safe before we invite the guests players...........

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  1. o my god what r u saying it is not eyebrow raising it is something jaw dropping man

  2. huh.. if incident lyk 26/11 can take place den cartridges in stadium iz not a big deal...
    itz our india INCREDIBLE INDIA . . .

  3. yes it is a matter to concern to all sports loving people in the world. the people who done this type antisocial activity must punish pubically.

  4. its really a matter of concern and govt shud take strict action against those person who can do such wrong things