Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Well, it may not be a new news for Delhiites but certainly it has raised an alarm again....A blueline bus again killed a 14 year student crushing him to death.Ninety-six accidents involving Blueline buses have been reported this year, which may be less then last year but this doesnt mean that we can breath relax....We still can't travel on roads without any threat from Bluelines buses.This is what a public transport is all about, instead of becoming a mode of safer and easier transfer, these private buses in Delhi are becoming a "yamraj" for common people....
Guys, the studies shows that most of the accidents happened when a blueline driver was trying to overtake another blueline.why do they do that?Just for few more bucks by getting more passengers for the next stand. Sometimes they do it for fun threatining to the passengers outside and passengers inside....
Guys, its my experience with the Blueline....
My car was halt in red light.It was in proper lane but unluckily was in the last car in the lane....We were sitting normal when there was a huge bang.We were pushed ahead and our heads banged.All the glasses of my car were broken and there was no diggy, it was all crushed....Yes, it was a high speed blueline which banged in my car, what i thank is that all of us were save. These kind of incidents are very common for bluelines even though deaths are, but they are covered by media....But is it any way affecting Bluelines??They are moving in the same pace because as soon as the accident happens, the driver just flee and our police too doesn't take any action.
Please its a request to all the Blueline drivers to drive properly and don't kill us. I will also tell the Delhi Government to take some actiion against these Bluelines and completely eradicate them because they are creating more problems and if its not possible then turn them into government DTC buses, they will be more safer for common men.
A pled to common people commuting on roads, please take care. Do cross the roads from Zebra crossing and when there is red light...And, stand on bus stops not on the road near by....Its for our safety guys....Dnt forget, a small step leads to big changes.....

Love and Regards


  1. i think blueline buses should be removed from the city.

  2. BLuelines are killers....
    dere sud b strict action against ol defaulters....

  3. I thought crossing road from zebra cross is also not sfe now a days bcoz blueline buses doesnot see the zebra lines as they are blind while driving

  4. this public transport sytem is a concern for the people of delhi, the government of delhi must take action to tackle this issue with prime concern.