Sunday, March 28, 2010


Standing in this mid way,
I feel strucked in a web of cob,
where i feel robbed....
No emotions, no feeling,
Only wounds, no healings.
Anyone can come and say anything,
Anyone can come and do something
and then just leave, hurting me and my feelings........
Standing in this mid way,
I feel like lost away.
No one to care
No one to share
No one to feel
No one to heal.
I can't be fickle, i can't be a hypocrite,
My emotions and feelings are gone
So please let me live and leave me "ALONE"

Monday, December 21, 2009


Hii Guys......
Here is review of the movie "paa"

The cast:
Amitabh bachan, Abhishek Bachan, VIdya Balan and Arundhati Naag

Latestly i saw this movie called "paa"....What a movie it is...A movie that takes you near to the reality, a movie that makes you feel 'how lucky you are', a movie that shows a 'father - son and son- father relationship', a movie for the humanity. a movie which takes your heart away...whatever i say will be less for this movie...
The movie is about a child who is suffering from a deadly disease called 'progeria'..A disease from which only a child sufferes out of thousands of childern...This is a disease in which the age grows at the rate of double and triple faster pace....And physically, if a child is of 12 years he looks like 75 years old and these children can only live till the age of 13...As not only the looks but internally also the body grows like that of 75 years old....

In the movie the actor of the millenium Mr. Amitabh bachan has played a role of a kid called "AURO" who is suffering from Progeria...He is a child being raised by the single mother "VIDYA", the actress Ms. vidya Balan and his father "AMOL", Mr. Abhishek Bachan..The movie revolves around "AURO" and his life in his school and at home....R.Balki, director had show cased glimpse of his brand of sarcastic humor in his film, either it was 'chini kum' or 'paa' which has its own kind of humour being on such a serious issue. The film is intelligently narrated cutting away unnecessary drama. The pace in which the movie goes is just perfect. The selection of child actors (including Mr. Bachchan) is praiseworth and needs special mention. They act their natural self and are extremely hilarious. Paa has plenty of wonderfully written and enacted sequences like Auro’s conversations with his best buddy in school Vishnu, Auro’s sequences with his stuffed toy King Kong, Amol exposing his detractors on live national television, Auro and Amol’s chilling out all day in Delhi,and many other heart throbing scenes and finally of course the climax.The film scores very high in the technical department. Music is melodious and perfectly interwoven with the film.The editing and cinematography are top notch.
In short, the cinematography, screenplay, camera techniques, editing everything is just perfect....
Director R. Balki along with the whole cast deserves appreciation for their hardwork.

And i must say, watch Paa with your Maa and Paa to have lifelong experience. And i bet Paa will leave you with a tear in your eyes but a smile on your lips....
Paa - A Must Watch and if you havent seen it yet, plan it out in coming weekend...

Love and Regards

Saturday, December 12, 2009


hii guys,
This is for someones very special in my life.....At point of time i thought i can't think of my life without them but now when i am surviving without those pearls of my life i miss them......Yes, you all out there "I MISS YOU"

Sitting in this big hall,
I miss the time,
which was not less than a ball...
Sitting on this last table,
where we used to have our dinner,
And, 4 of us were individual rebel...
Life had different defination,
With you all,even a big stone was a pebble...
I miss the way you crack joke M_______
I miss the way you laugh A______
I miss the way you comment N_______
I miss those moment of togetherness.
I miss laughing suddenly,
When it used to be complete silence....
I miss planning out pranks....
And now, being alone,
This silence is so dense,
that it is killing me........
It is sucking my blood every second.
My tears have turn red.
And, sometimes this lonliness,
takes me to the death bed.............................

Love and Regards


Heyaa guys.......
I know its s long time, sorry guys.....was little occupied......
So guys, how many states we have? 28......naah, its 29 now....We have got a new state called 'Telangana', a part of Andhara Pradesh. As every coin has two sides so the birth of this new state too have both pro and cons. The major positive point is for the people living in Telangana region and who are being deprived of the rights, funds and basic eminities. Let me tell you why we should favour a different state....
If we go through the data we can easily find out :-
That the region 'Telangana' is having all the major resourses of the state, with the two major rivers flowing i.e. Krishna nad Godavari. But these resources are used for the development of other regions...'Telangana' gets only 10-12% of the water of these rivers and due to the lack of water in this region, lots of farmers committed suicide last year.
Due to this problem agricultural land has decreased and it went to 22%.
The state of Andhara is having literacy rate of 72%, where as 'Telangana' is having only 37% of literacy rate.
Andhara Pradesh is having 21 Universities and out of it 'Telangana' is having only 1 i.e. 'Osmania University'.
Even the enrollment of school students is only 30%.
Andhara Pradesh has 15 lakhs Government jobs granted by Central Government, out of which 'Telangana' gets only 2 lakh jobs but as per the population ratio the number of jobs given should be 6 lakhs.
The developmental fund given by the Central Government is said that out of it 43% is being spent on 'Telangana' region in papers but they get only 20% of it.
More than 80% of loans taken from world bank and national and international agencies spent on Andhara Pradesh and its population but the burden to give it back and its interest is loaded on the people of 'Telangana'
Guys, these are few problems faced by them, but reality is something else, which only they knows who are facing it. Jusy give it a thought Guys, what if we and our state will face such problems? State is still a big issue, what if two families living under a roof and one of them is enjoying the share of second one...For how long will you tolerate it? Then, why are we expecting the "Telangana' people to not to demand a separate state.......Give it a thought guys..........
This is for those people also who have started asking for different states in there state........
Love and Regards

Thursday, November 12, 2009


Congrats guys...
Finally, metro has reached Noida....
Delhi Metro achieved another milestone when a brand new train chugged into the satellite city of Noida for the first time paving the way for thousands of commuters in east Delhi and adjoining areas to enjoy the new age transport system and escape from the huge jams, that not only waste our time but also irritaes us.
The 13.1 km Yamuna Bank-Noida line was inaugurated by Union urban development minister S Jaipal Reddy, Chief Minister Ms. Sheila Dikshit was also present at the newly-built Akshardham station.This Metro lane has come as a boom for many people and will definately bring a change in their daily commuting habits. This Noida corridor is built at the cost of Rs 630 crores and is completely elevated.This line is also the first where the DMRC missed its deadline.
The corridor was scheduled for opening in October.DMRC has projected that about 53,000 passengers daily are expected to commute from this corridor.The DMRC will run eight brand-new broad gauge trains.
Well, guys hats off to Metro, DMRC and E. Shridharan. They have turned Delhi into a complete Metropolitan city. NOt only this even the traffic at various places in Delhi has lessen to a great extent.Metro has also made our journey comfortable, reliable. Using Metro we dnt feel like we are travelling in any public transport like other public transport in Delhi....Its accuracy, cleanliness and comfort and new techniques call for more and more passengers. And, the biggest point is it ensures safety, safety of travelling.
Well, its a praiseworthy thing that Metro has finally stepped out of the capital to join near by areas....It started with a small dream to give Delhi a status of international city and now when this dream has come true, we are proud.....See, 'small step lead to big change". But now its in our hand that we care for it and dnt spolil it like other public transports....

Love and Regards

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Well, it may not be a new news for Delhiites but certainly it has raised an alarm again....A blueline bus again killed a 14 year student crushing him to death.Ninety-six accidents involving Blueline buses have been reported this year, which may be less then last year but this doesnt mean that we can breath relax....We still can't travel on roads without any threat from Bluelines buses.This is what a public transport is all about, instead of becoming a mode of safer and easier transfer, these private buses in Delhi are becoming a "yamraj" for common people....
Guys, the studies shows that most of the accidents happened when a blueline driver was trying to overtake another blueline.why do they do that?Just for few more bucks by getting more passengers for the next stand. Sometimes they do it for fun threatining to the passengers outside and passengers inside....
Guys, its my experience with the Blueline....
My car was halt in red light.It was in proper lane but unluckily was in the last car in the lane....We were sitting normal when there was a huge bang.We were pushed ahead and our heads banged.All the glasses of my car were broken and there was no diggy, it was all crushed....Yes, it was a high speed blueline which banged in my car, what i thank is that all of us were save. These kind of incidents are very common for bluelines even though deaths are, but they are covered by media....But is it any way affecting Bluelines??They are moving in the same pace because as soon as the accident happens, the driver just flee and our police too doesn't take any action.
Please its a request to all the Blueline drivers to drive properly and don't kill us. I will also tell the Delhi Government to take some actiion against these Bluelines and completely eradicate them because they are creating more problems and if its not possible then turn them into government DTC buses, they will be more safer for common men.
A pled to common people commuting on roads, please take care. Do cross the roads from Zebra crossing and when there is red light...And, stand on bus stops not on the road near by....Its for our safety guys....Dnt forget, a small step leads to big changes.....

Love and Regards

Monday, November 9, 2009


Guys, we all know we are suffering Global Warming and it find its roots in pollution be it in air, water or land....Our planet earth is completely polluted, its each and every corner....Our National Capital Delhi is not something different.Infact it is one of the most polluted city infact metropolitan of the country....The only river 'Yamuna' flowing from Delhi is so much polluted that even after the continuous efforts of our Government the river is on the way to get polluted completely....
The river Yamuna just passes the capital, it enters from the neighbouring State Haryana and goes back there only.It enters in Delhi at a place called Palla and there its Biological Oxygen Demand(BOD) is 3 Mg/1 and when it goes back from Delhi its BOD is 20 Mg/1....We are polluted ourselves and is now giving the other states same gift in return of their help....Guys, can we just think of our lives without the water of river Yamuna.We have this river still half of the Delhi remains thirsty, what if Haryana stops giving us the water of river Yamuna??
When the river enters back to Haryana, two major districts of it Gurgaon and Mewat had to be irrigated by its water and as per the Central Board of Pollution Control has said that the liquid Haryana gets after coming from Delhi is not even mark upon 'the level to be called upon as 'water'....Moreover adding to this the drainage of unauthorised colonies also leads to more pollutants....There are 20 drainages straightway dumping in Yamuna along with 2 drainages flowing from UttarPradesh....
Guys, this is the time when we have to check our water pollution, infact all pollutions....Lets start this revolution from us, students only because if we can pledge not to burn crackers and increase air pollution then why not water pollution....
Dnt forget Guys, 'small step leads to big change'

Love and Regards