Saturday, December 12, 2009


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So guys, how many states we have? 28......naah, its 29 now....We have got a new state called 'Telangana', a part of Andhara Pradesh. As every coin has two sides so the birth of this new state too have both pro and cons. The major positive point is for the people living in Telangana region and who are being deprived of the rights, funds and basic eminities. Let me tell you why we should favour a different state....
If we go through the data we can easily find out :-
That the region 'Telangana' is having all the major resourses of the state, with the two major rivers flowing i.e. Krishna nad Godavari. But these resources are used for the development of other regions...'Telangana' gets only 10-12% of the water of these rivers and due to the lack of water in this region, lots of farmers committed suicide last year.
Due to this problem agricultural land has decreased and it went to 22%.
The state of Andhara is having literacy rate of 72%, where as 'Telangana' is having only 37% of literacy rate.
Andhara Pradesh is having 21 Universities and out of it 'Telangana' is having only 1 i.e. 'Osmania University'.
Even the enrollment of school students is only 30%.
Andhara Pradesh has 15 lakhs Government jobs granted by Central Government, out of which 'Telangana' gets only 2 lakh jobs but as per the population ratio the number of jobs given should be 6 lakhs.
The developmental fund given by the Central Government is said that out of it 43% is being spent on 'Telangana' region in papers but they get only 20% of it.
More than 80% of loans taken from world bank and national and international agencies spent on Andhara Pradesh and its population but the burden to give it back and its interest is loaded on the people of 'Telangana'
Guys, these are few problems faced by them, but reality is something else, which only they knows who are facing it. Jusy give it a thought Guys, what if we and our state will face such problems? State is still a big issue, what if two families living under a roof and one of them is enjoying the share of second one...For how long will you tolerate it? Then, why are we expecting the "Telangana' people to not to demand a separate state.......Give it a thought guys..........
This is for those people also who have started asking for different states in there state........
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  1. The issue of Telangana is different from the issue of demand of other states. Telangana was a state from 1952-1956. Then it was merged into Andhra Pradesh in 1956. The people opposed it then also and the agitation is still going on.

    The concept of 29th State is too early to say. Let us sit and watch the new move of the government

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