Saturday, December 12, 2009


hii guys,
This is for someones very special in my life.....At point of time i thought i can't think of my life without them but now when i am surviving without those pearls of my life i miss them......Yes, you all out there "I MISS YOU"

Sitting in this big hall,
I miss the time,
which was not less than a ball...
Sitting on this last table,
where we used to have our dinner,
And, 4 of us were individual rebel...
Life had different defination,
With you all,even a big stone was a pebble...
I miss the way you crack joke M_______
I miss the way you laugh A______
I miss the way you comment N_______
I miss those moment of togetherness.
I miss laughing suddenly,
When it used to be complete silence....
I miss planning out pranks....
And now, being alone,
This silence is so dense,
that it is killing me........
It is sucking my blood every second.
My tears have turn red.
And, sometimes this lonliness,
takes me to the death bed.............................

Love and Regards


  1. hmmmmm.,., u hav pen down a fantabulous note.. gr8 wrk.. i luvd it... :)

  2. i can understand ur feelings

    give me some sun shine,
    give me some rain,
    give me my childhood,
    i wanna grow up again