Friday, October 9, 2009


A new and illogical step of delhi government in the name of prepration of commonwealth games..With the cooperation of neighbouring states, all the beggers of delhi will be shifted to these states, as most of them are migrants of UP, bihar and Jharkhand...Delhi government earlies decided to send these beggers in jail for the period of games, but after the opposition had to take back this decision....The reason given by the government is equally illogical,as they say that the foreigners coming are not habitual of begging.......i need to ask the authorities, are the habitual of incomplete infrastructure, traffic jams, pitholes???
Its a humble request to the central government that instead of giving stress on these issues, it should stress on the infrastructue which will be used in the games......because they may or maynt see the beggers but they will definately see the incomplete buildings and sports ground.........
guys, give it a thought......

Love and Regards


  1. gr8....its beggers now, then it will be poor people then middle class who will be thrown this our democracy and constitution says...minnie, is this nyway near 2 humanity???????

  2. u r right.....they 2 r the citizens of this country only....

  3. This is what our Government can think....They sit in their AC offices and make rules for those who live under the sky, come to their place and you will get to know what do they feel and its nt their choice to beg on roads.......

  4. its happen only in India if government think earlier na then this problem can never occur its really a shame for indians