Monday, September 28, 2009


Hmmm……traveling from Punjab to Delhi was never so hectic and irritating as it was yesterday…boarding into wrong boggy and then reaching to the train’s last boggy was fun…I passed by all kind of bogies and I was cursing the railway department for not giving me AC tickets….but other side I was thankful that I got the reservation (that is a different thing it didn’t matter that much) in this festive season…
Now, the worst part of the ‘SUPER FAST EXPRESS’…
As soon as I reached my seat, I saw 5 people sitting on the seat…I had to tell them that I have a reservation and that’s my seat….two of them stood up, but their kid was still sitting on my seat and I had to share my reserved seat….and those two ladies stood on my head…..I just don’t understand, that if you don’t have proper reservation, why did you come to the train? It’s not your personal vehicle. Its not completely their mistake, even the authorities are carefree….why are people with unreserved and waiting are allowed to board in the bogies, which have reserved seats, just to torture the persons with reserved seat…its agreeable that sometimes its emergency, but the family I came across didn’t seem with any emergency and not 1 or 2…there were 10-12 member and they were either sitting on other’s seats, were standing in the passage or preferred sitting on train’s gate…people were having problem while coming and going, but who is concerned with their comfort…..
It’s a humble request to all the people that it’s not always emergency and when you know that if you have to travel, please book your tickets in advance and if you do not get any reservation please do not travel like this…it is discomforting for everyone…..
And, in the whole journey of 5 hrs no one came to check the tickets…raising the morals of those who traveled without any tickets….
I was happy as I had a ticket with reserved seat and on other side I was thinking what if I wouldn’t have taken the ticket????? I know kuch nii hota, aa to mein phir bhi jati, seat bhi mil hi jati…..with the same discomfort I came now with a ticket….
Please….its time for authorities and common people to wake up and start doing the thing in proper and systematic manner……..

Love n regards


  1. hmmm.,., really ur journey waz gr8.,. sach mein JOURNEY(NOT) TO FORGET...

  2. I agree to u mnkyy... Pr India h pyare.. Every thng s fair in luvv war n india....

  3. well, this s india is ol abt......Cnt help it....but if common man become concious towards their duties and responsiblities we definately can witness drastic changes, otherwise it was minnie someday we will face the same.......
    wake up people....